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A suc­cess sto­ry in me­cha­ni­cal en­gi­nee­ring, right out of Sa­x­o­ny. 

VSM GmbH Ma­schi­nen- und An­la­gen­bau is the suc­cess­ful re­sult of an en­tre­pre­neu­ri­al idea. In 1996 in Wol­ken­stein, amongst the Erz­ge­bir­ge moun­ta­ins and li­te­r­al­ly from a ga­ra­ge, Gun­ter Bin­de­mann star­ted his own as­sem­bly and ser­vice com­pa­ny for me­cha­ni­cal en­gi­nee­ring in Sa­x­o­ny with just three em­ployees. He had de­ve­l­o­ped a vi­si­on of set­ting up his own ef­fi­ci­ent ser­vice com­pa­ny for the in­dus­try. The en­tre­pre­neur had re­co­gnis­ed that it would be attrac­tive for ma­ny me­cha­ni­cal en­gi­nee­ring com­pa­nies to ma­ke use of ex­ter­nal ser­vices, and not to ha­ve to pro­vi­de all the re­sour­ces them­sel­ves. It was a quick ri­se to the top. Bin­de­mann and his com­pa­ny suc­cess­ful­ly of­fe­red ser­vices in the gro­wing me­cha­ni­cal en­gi­nee­ring in­dus­try and de­ve­l­o­ped the Bin­de­mann brand. Ma­schi­nen­bau Bin­de­mann GmbH, which is to­day ma­na­ged by Gun­ter Bin­de­mann's son, spe­cia­li­sed in the con­struc­tion of ma­chi­nes. By 1999 the gro­wing me­cha­ni­cal en­gi­nee­ring com­pa­ny had al­re­a­dy mo­ved in­to its own work­shop with mo­re em­ployees. So­on, cust­o­m­ers we­re re­ques­ting the com­pa­ny to ma­nu­fac­tu­re ma­chi­nes ac­cor­ding to their own in­di­vi­du­al re­qui­re­ments and ba­sed on drawings ma­de by them. As a re­sult of this re­ne­wed growth, VSM GmbH Ma­schi­nen- und An­la­gen­bau was en­t­e­red in the com­mer­ci­al re­gis­ter in 2001, the com­pa­ny in­vested in new pro­duc­tion fa­ci­li­ties in the are­as of ma­chi­ne me­cha­nics and ma­chi­ne elec­tro­nics, and mo­ved to a new lo­ca­ti­on. Above all, VSM spe­cia­li­ses in pa­cka­ging ma­chi­nes and spe­cial ma­chi­nes. Com­ple­te mo­du­les and com­po­n­ents could now be im­ple­men­ted for cust­o­m­ers. A quan­tum leap for the young me­cha­ni­cal en­gi­nee­ring com­pa­ny was the mo­ve to its very own pro­duc­tion fa­ci­li­ty in Groß­rück­ers­wal­de in 2009. From he­re, growth was ac­ce­le­ra­ted and pro­duc­tion pro­ces­ses ma­de mo­re ef­fi­ci­ent. In 2012, Gun­ter Bin­de­mann de­ci­ded to break new tech­no­lo­gi­cal ground with La­Te­Bi - La­ser­tech­no­lo­gie Bin­de­mann GmbH. To­day, in re­tro­s­pect, the suc­ces­ses achie­ved so­me­ti­mes seem qui­te in­credi­b­le. It’s so­me­thing Gun­ter Bin­de­mann and his team are very proud of. To­day, the three com­pa­nies - VSM as a me­cha­ni­cal en­gi­nee­ring com­pa­ny in the pa­cka­ging ma­chi­ne seg­ment and in the spe­cial ma­chi­ne seg­ment, Ma­schi­nen­bau Bin­de­mann GmbH as a ser­vice com­pa­ny, and La­te­bi as a la­ser tech­no­lo­gy com­pa­ny - work hand in hand.

1996 - 1998: The com­pa­ny is foun­ded in a work­shop in Wol­ken­stein, with 3 em­ployees

1999 - 2000: Re­lo­ca­ti­on to the first work­shop in Ge­rings­wal­de

Further milestones are to follow, so that we can continue to fulfil the requirements and wishes of our customers well into the future!

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